Published: 2021-07-26

Maternal mortality-a three-year retrospective study in a rural medical college of India

Jayasree Hansda, Debobroto Roy, Krishnapada Das, Manojit Sarkar, Rumpa Das, Arpita Pramanik


Background: Maternal mortality is a tragic event as family revolves around a mother. The deadly obstetrical triad of hemorrhage, preeclampsia and infection has accounted for a third of all deaths. This study was conducted to assess maternal mortality ratio, demographic profile and causes of maternal death.

Methods: This retrospective longitudinal study was conducted in the department of obstetrics and gynecology for a period of three years from 1st January 2018-31st December, 2020. Total no of death during this period was 134.Records of deaths and demographic profiles were retrieved from the medical record library of aforesaid hospital.

Results: There were 134 maternal deaths amongst 56815 live births with MMR 235.85. The majority of deaths were in 20-29 year of age group and most of the deaths seen in multigravida. The 91.79% death was observed within the 24 hours and after 72 hours. Eclampsia, preeclampsia and hemorrhage were leading cause of maternal death seen in the study.

Conclusions: Maternal mortality is higher than national MMR. Majority of maternal death were preventable by proper antenatal care, early detection of high-risk pregnancies and their timely referral to tertiary care centre.


Eclampsia, Hemorrhage, Maternal mortality, Preeclampsia

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