Published: 2022-06-27

Comparison of optic nerve sheath diameter in preeclampsia and normal pregnancy using ocular USG

Sabhia Jan, Ovais Nazir, Asif Hussain, Amit Kumar


Background: Measurements of optic nerve sheath diameter (ONSD) in intracranial pathologies correlate well with raised ICP. Only recently the usefulness of ocular ultrasonography in preeclampsia has been sought. Objective of current study was the measurement of ONSD in preeclampsia and compare it to healthy pregnant females.

Methods: A total of 90 subjects were included and divided into Group I- normal pregnancy (N=30), Group II - mild preeclampsia (N=30), Group III- severe preeclampsia group (N=30) and hemodynamic parameters. Optic nerve sheath diameter measurement is performed with a linear ultrasound probe placed over the eyelid with optic nerve sheath diameter measured 3 mm behind the globe. Patients with preeclampsia were compared to normal pregnant females as controls.

Results: Optic nerve sheath diameter was significantly higher in patients with preeclampsia compared to controls (p<0.001). The mean of ONSD in group I was 4.5±0.2 mm, versus 5.7±0.2 mm in group II, versus, 5.9±0.3 mm in group III.

Conclusions: Preeclampsia is associated with a significantly higher ONSD compared to normal pregnant females and can be used as a marker of increased ICP in preeclampsia.



Cerebral edema, Intracranial pressure, Ocular ultrasonography, Optic nerve sheath diameter, Preeclampsia

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