Published: 2021-05-27

Krukenberg tumor in a young female arising from a primary adenocarcinoma of stomach: a case report

Riddhi Parmar, Mansi Davda, Navin Patel, Keval Arvindbhai Patel


Krukenberg tumor is a malignancy of ovary that metastasizes from a primary site. Krukenberg tumors are uncommon and account for less than 2% of all ovarian tumors. It is usually a bilateral involvement of ovaries from the metastatic deposit from adenocarcinoma of the stomach. Krukenberg tumors mostly occur after 40 years. Metastatic ovarian tumors in young age are very rare. Here, we reported a very rare case of bilateral Krukenberg tumors of the ovaries arising from a primary adenocarcinoma of the stomach in a 20 year old Indian female.


Krukenberg tumor, Metastasis, Ovarian cancer, Stomach cancer

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