Maternal outcome of term obstetric emergencies referred to tertiary care centre

Shivani Badal, L. Ranjit Singh


Background: Lack of basic facilities at ground level in backward areas of country affect the outcome of obstetric emergencies thereby affecting maternal morbidity and mortality. This study was conducted to compare the outcome of term obstetric emergencies referred to tertiary care centre.

Method: This prospective observational study was conducted to study the maternal outcome in obstetric emergencies referred to our institution.

Results: Most of the patients were exhausted (59.47%). Majority were referred for prolonged labour (47.71%), previous cesarean section (16.33%), pre-eclampsia (13.07%) and eclampsia (1.96%). Most patients were given more than one intervention. Emergency LSCS was the common mode of delivery (39.86%).

Conclusions: It is important to improve the conditions of peripheral health care centre with amenities like specialist doctors and transport. Awareness of population, attitude buildup is important for early referral to resist care centre to improve outcome of pregnancy.


Emergency obstetrics care, Obstetric emergencies, Maternal outcome, Referred obstetric emergencies

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