Published: 2021-08-26

A case series of caesarean myomectomy

Shazia Parveen, Nasreen Noor, Iti Madan, Ummay Kulsoom


Uterine fibroids are benign, monoclonal tumors of smooth muscle cells of the myometrium. Most fibroids do not increase in size during pregnancy and are not always removed when encountered during cesarean section. Objective was to see the outcome of patients undergoing cesarean myomectomy. The study design was observational study. All patients undergoing cesarean section with uterine fibroid of size more than 5 cm. In carefully selected patients and with use of intraoperative vasopressin, myomectomy may be safely accomplished at the time of caesarean section by experienced surgeons. cesarean myomectomy is safe and successful if patient selection is done carefully and does not add to any additional post-operative morbidity.


Uterine fibroid, Caesarean section, Myomectomy

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