Role of emergency bilateral internal iliac ligation in postpartum hemorrhage

Sunder Pal Singh, Shipra Misra, Naresh Sharma



Background: The aim of the study was to determine the effectiveness of emergency bilateral internal iliac ligation in intractable postpartum hemorrhage.

Methods: A retrospective study was done on 33 women who have undergone emergency bilateral internal iliac ligation in obstetrics haemorrhage.

Results: In all of 33 women under this study bilateral internal iliac ligation was performed in emergency. (11) of the cases were of atonic PPH, placenta previa (8), uterine rapture (7), extension of C-section scar (3), vaginal and cervical laceration (3) and uterine perforation (1). hysterectomy was not performed in any of the cases. internal iliac artery was injured in one case during the procedure and was managed successfully but two patients died during and after the BIIL.

Conclusions: BIIL is an effective, less time consuming and life-saving procedure in intractable obstetrics hemorrhage if early decision is taken and performed by practiced surgeons.


Bilateral, Internal iliac artery ligation, Emergency, Interactable postpartum haemorrhage

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