Bleeding abdominal scar endometriosis-a case report

Badal Das, Malay Sarkar, Debobroto Roy, Krishna Pada Das, Nazmin Khatun, Aritrick Moulick


Presence of functional endometrial tissue anywhere outside the uterine mucosa is called endometriosis. It is hormone dependent and almost exclusively it affects the women of reproductive age. Abdominal scar endometriosis is a rare condition and it is due to deposition of endometriotic tissue in the wound site during various obstetric or gynecological operative procedures. Scar endometriosis followed by lower segment caesarean section (LSCS) is very rare and presents with co-menstrual pain and bleeding. Our case presented with active bleeding from abdominal LSCS scar during menstruation which is extremely a rare presentation. Wide excision and histo-pathological examination confirm the diagnosis. A 28-year-old lady with previous history of LSCS 2 years back presented with complaining of swelling and bleeding from the previous LSCS scar during menstruation, persisting for 4-5 days, repeatedly in every menstrual cycle for last 6 months. On examination a swelling with active bleeding from it was noted over the previous LSCS scar. Routine investigation and coagulation profile was with in normal limit and on ultrasonography a firm mass was noted. After wide excision and histo-pathological Examination, the diagnosis was confirmed. Co-menstrual swelling, pain and bleeding from the previous LSCS scar should not be neglected and may be due to scar endometriosis.


Scar Endometriosis, LSCS, Endometriotic tissue, Histo-pathological, Rectus abdominis, Hysterotomy

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