A case of perforation of rectum due to self-administered enema in a pregnant woman

Anjali Rani, Puneet Gupta


A 23 year old primigravida at 35 weeks gestation presented with pain abdomen, fever and dissension of abdomen. Initially patient was managed conservatively at peripheral centre for two days and then reported to our hospital. An ultrasound done which shows collection inside peritoneal cavity and perforation was suspected. Decision of laparotomy was done. First caesarean section was done and a single live male baby born weighing 2.4 kg born. Then on exploration a small perforation in rectum was found and it was repaired by surgeon. But they found two more perforations and colostomy was done. On taking detailed history patient told that she-herself administered enema because of constipation. In post op period patient expired because of septicemia and ARDS.


Perforation, Rectum, Pregnancy, Enema

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