Clinical profile and outcome of COVID positive obstetric patients in a tertiary care hospital: a retrospective study

Asma Hassan Mufti, Samar Mukhtar, Mehmood-Ul-Hassan Mufti, Nasir Jeelani Wani


Background: To study clinical profile, maternal and fetal outcome in COVID positive pregnancies.

Methods: A retrospective observational study was done at Lalla ded hospital, Kashmir, a tertiary care centre. 70 COVID positive pregnant women who were admitted from May 2020 to January 2021 were included in the study.

Results: The incidence of COVID positive patients in our study was 11.47%. 60% of patients in our study belonged to 26-30 years age group. 50% patients were primigravida, 20% were second gravid. Among the study population, 31 (44.3%) patients were term while 22 (31.4%) were preterm. Most patients were asymptomatic (61.4%). Among symptomatic patients, maximum had fever (17.1%) followed by cough (10%) and shortness of breath (4.3%). Associated comorbidity was seen in 33 patients (47.1%). Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy were seen in majority i.e. 15.7%, followed by anaemia (11.4%), GDM (8.5%) and hypothyroidism (7.1%). Out of total study population of 70, emergency cesarean delivery (LSCS) was done in 29 patients (41.5%). 21 patients delivered vaginally (30%). Two post-LSCS patients were shifted to designated COVID Intensive care unit (ICU). One patient from the study group died. There were total of 50 deliveries, 10 babies had Neonatal ICU admission (20%), Low birth weight in 9 (18%). Low APGAR score was in 6 (12%). There were 2 stillbirths in the study population.

Conclusions: COVID presents as milder disease in pregnancy, but it may be severe in those with associated comorbidities. More studies on susceptibility of pregnant women to infection by COVID-19 are required.


COVID-19, Maternal outcome, Fetal outcome

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