Published: 2021-08-26

Abdominal pregnancy-a case report

Indrani Roy, Neha Choubey


Abdominal pregnancy is a rare obstetric complication with high maternal mortality and even higher perinatal mortality, and it can be primary or secondary with the latter being the most common type. This is a case of abdominal pregnancy in gravida 2, para 0+1 women admitted to the hospital with h/o amenorrhoea for two and a half months, with the chief complaints of pain abdomen for one week which was severe that day for which she attended emergency. Ultrasonography revealed a single live intra uterine pregnancy with a solid retro gestational sac collection, with a CRL of 11W3D. She was initially managed conservatively. Surgical intervention became necessary on day 9th when with the rising fundal height and drop in Hb levels, under general anaesthesia.


Abdominal pregnancy, Laparotomy, Placenta previa, Serum beta Hcg

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