Huge mucinous cystadenoma of ovary in a reproductive female: an enigma

Kanchan Digambar Bhoyar, Sakshi Abhinav Zawar, Abhijit Sharachandra Ambike, Unmesh Sureshrao Santpur, Vijay Dhundiraj Dombale


To report the occurrence of a rare case of a huge benign ovarian tumour (mucinous cystadenoma) in in a tertiary care rural teaching hospital in Konkan, Maharashtra, India. Our reported case was a young woman of reproductive age group which was very rare who presented with marked abdominal distension and discomfort at the obstetrics-gynaecology OPD of BKL Walavalkar rural medical college. The data were collected by history-taking, clinical examination, laboratory investigations, transabdominal ultrasonographic examination and by histopathological study of the excised surgical specimen. The case was reported as a rare massive ovarian mucinous cystadenoma in a woman of reproductive age group. This case report emphasized the significance of thorough evaluation of all women presented with vague abdominal pain and gradual abdominal distension in reproductive age group. Although the condition is extremely rare, women from rural area neglect such conditions and present late which may pose challenges in the management.


Mucinous, Cystadenoma, Laparotomy, CA12

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