Torsion of paratubal cyst - a rare cause of acute abdominal pain in an adolescent: case report and review of literature

Renuka Malik, Sonal Gupta


Twisted paraovarian cyst is rare. However, it should be kept as differential diagnosis in any case presenting with pain abdomen. We report a case of a young girl who presented in our OPD with abdominal pain and had twisted paratubal cyst whose torsion had let to spontaneous fimbrial amputation and was managed laparoscopically. 16 years old girl presented in Gynaecology OPD with acute lower abdominal pain with vomiting. Ultrasound done showed a paraovarian cyst on left, 10x7 cm with normal bilateral ovaries. A laparoscopy was done which showed a large gangrenous cyst on left with detached fimbria over it, bilateral ovaries were normal. Laparoscopic cystectomy was done and cyst removed through 10 mm port. Though benign in nature, rarely paraovarian cyst can undergo torsion causing acute pain and can rarely compromise fertility.


Paratubal cyst, Paraovarian cyst, Torsion, Acute abdomen

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