Acute cholecystitis in pregnancy: a case report


  • Žanis Bordo Department of Medicine, Riga Stradiņs University, Riga, Latvia
  • Arta Bērziņa Department of Medicine, Riga Stradiņs University, Riga, Latvia
  • Anna Miskova Department of Obstetrics, Riga Maternity Hospital, Riga, Latvia
  • Kaspars Zeiza Department of Surgery, Riga East Clinical University Hospital, Riga, Latvia



Pregnancy, Third trimester, Cholecystitis, Cholecystectomy


We presented here a case report of a 37-years-old woman, G3 37+5 weeks pregnant with acute abdominal pain, whose diagnosis is unclear, but there are signs of liver disfunction, and for this reason a C-section is performed. She is later diagnosed with acute cholecystitis and therefore a cholecystectomy is performed.


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