Large ovarian dermoid, a cause for fetal growth restriction and oligohydramnios: rare instance in literature

Anupma ., Avir Sarkar, Deepak Yadav, Jagadish C. Sharma


Ovarian dermoids mostly remain asymptomatic during pregnancy. Large dermoids may present with torsion, hemorrhage or rupture. However, a dermoid cyst causing fetal growth restriction (FGR) and oligohydramnios is a very rare entity. We report a case of a large ovarian dernoid (15×12 cm) hampering intrauterine fetal growth. Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, patient was unable to get ultrasound examinations in early gestation, and thereby surgical intervention was not possible during the second trimester. As a result, this growing teratoma finally led to FGR by either exerting a pressure effect upon the uterus or by dwindling its blood supply.



Dermoid cyst, Fetal growth restriction, Oligohydramnios, Teratoma

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