A huge mesenteric teratoma in reproductive age woman: a case report

Ruchi Kishore, Pratibha Lambodari, Kritika Verma, Anjum Khan, Neelam Singh


The incidence of dermoid ovarian cyst is 15-20% of all ovarian neoplasm, which is a common entity. Mesenteric cyst are one of the very rare entities with incidence of 1 in 2, 50, 000. Dermoid cysts rarely present as mesenteric cysts. Mesenteric dermoid cyst have good prognosis. Here, we report a rare abdominal tumor which was initially diagnosed clinically as an ovarian dermoid cyst but operative and histology revealed it to be mesenteric dermoid cyst. A 36 year-old, multiparous presented with abdominal mass, gradually increasing in size since 1 year with recent onset of abdominal pain. Physical examination revealed abdominal mass of 22×20 cm size, globular, non-tender, mobile, and cystic to solid in consistency. Contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CECT) showed 23×21×14.4 cm heterogeneous enhancing mass lesion with areas of fat density and calcifications within, suggestive of neoplastic mass lesion, likely teratoma. Tumor markers were within normal limit. Patient was managed surgically. Laparotomy findings revealed a huge solid mesenteric mass (22×20 cm) weighing 6.5 kgs. Histopathology showed mature cartilage, osteoid formation, fibro-adipose connective tissue, focal lymphoid aggregates, congested blood vessels and focal mature neuronal component and no immature elements seen, confirming dermoid cyst. Mesenteric cyst are rare intra-abdominal tumor found most commonly in ileum (60%) next is ascending colon (40%). However, if a mesenteric cyst locates within the pelvic cavity, as in this case, it may be misdiagnosed as an ovarian cyst.


Mesenteric teratoma, Dermoid ovarian cyst, Abdominal tumor

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