Misplaced intrauterine contraceptive devices: a case report

Nidhi D. Thakkar, Jaydeep D. Hindocha


Contraception is a new topic gaining attention in country like India and a new proposed area of research. Intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUCDs) are one contraceptive method requiring less efforts and having more efficacy. ‘Misplaced IUCD’ is one of the rare and the most dreadful complication of IUCD insertion. Clinically, it can present as having pain, bleeding, recurrent pregnancy loss or can be asymptomatic. This is a case report of a 40 year old P4A1L4 female who presented to us with suspicion of misplaced IUCD without clinical symptoms. Clinical examination and radiological investigations made a diagnosis of misplaced IUCD and laparoscopy confirmed it. Laparoscopically misplaced IUCD was removed.



Contraception, Misplaced IUCD, X-ray, Computed tomographic scan, Laparoscopy

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