Correlation of cervical pap smears with histopathological diagnosis in cervical lesions

Ruksana Farooq, Azhar-un-Nisa Quraishi, Shahida Mohammad


Background: Cervical cancer is the most common genital cancer in India. In India alone,almost,130000 new cases occur with the death toll of 70000 everywhere. Objective of current study was correlation of pap smear with histopathological diagnosis.

Methods: A retrospective study was conducted in tertiary care hospital in 130 sexually active women. Pap smears were taken and histopathological diagnosis was performed in all such patients

Results: From pap smear findings, out of 130 patients, maximum number of cases, 74 (56.9%) were categorized as. Out of epithelial cell abnormality, ASCUS was seen in 25 patients (10.2%), LSIL in 17 patients (13.1%), HSIL in 11 patients (8.5%). SCC was seen in 2 patients (1.5%) and adenocarcinoma in 1 patient (0.8%). From cervical biopsy reports, 51 cases(39.2%) were diagnosed as chronic cervicitis, 34 cases (26.2%) were diagnosed as chronic cervicitis with squamous metaplasia, CIN I in 31 patients (23.8%), CIN II in 8 patients (6.2%) and CIN III in 3 patients (2.3%), squamous cell carcinoma in 2 patients (1.5%) and adenocarcinoma in 1 patient (0.8%). The sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, negative predictive value and accuracy of pap smear test was 91.1%, 82.4%,73.2%, 94.6% and 85.4%, respectively.

Conclusions: Pap smear has excellent correlation with histopathological diagnosis. Therefore it should be encouraged as effective tool for cervical cancer screening program to reduce incidence and mortality caused by cervical cancer.



Adenocarcinoma, Histopathology, Pap smear, cytology

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