Published: 2021-11-25

Primary malignant melanoma of the nipple: a case report

Moukit Mounir, Aziz Bazine, Mohammed Rahmoune, Ismail Allilou, Bouchra Elmoubakkir, Amine Ennouhi, Omar Laghzaoui


Primary melanoma origiĀ­nating on the female nipple remains an extremely rare variant of malignant melanoma and only a few cases haves been reported in the literature. We describe a case of a patient admitted for a black pigment deposition on the left nipple. Surgical resection of the left nipple and areola with clear margins and an axillary lymph node dissection was performed confirming the diagnosis of non-invasive superficial spreading melanoma.


Melanoma, Breast, Nipple, Surgery

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