Postmenopausal complete labial fusion: a rare case study

Prajakta Shirish Tumbal, Rabin Majumdar


Complete labial fusion is a rare clinical entity in postmenopausal women. It occurs when the labia minora have become fused in midline through either flimsy or dense adhesions, forming a raphe. Labial fusion has been associated with local irritation and inflammation in the setting of a hypoestrogenic state. Topical treatment is usually recommended prior to manual separation. However, some postmenopausal women have been refractory to conservative management, and surgery may then be required. Here we present a case of a 62 yrs old postmenopausal woman, parity three; live three with previous 3 caesarean sections, operated case of Abdominal Panhysterectomy 11 yrs back for fibroid uterus was admitted to private hospital in April 2013 with complaints of Incomplete evacuation of urine, Passing urine on standing after squatting position, Urgency of urination and dribbling of urine for some time after urination since last one year. General examination and investigations were done which were normal. Patient required surgical excision of fused labial fold to relieve the symptoms.


Labial fusion, Panhysterectomy, Postmenopausal, Urethroplasty

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