Published: 2021-12-28

Study of maternal deaths with COVID-19 infection in a tertiary care centre

Niranjan Chavan, Shikhanshi ., Deepali Kapote, Prasad Deshmukh, Ashwini Sakhalkar


Background: COVID-19 has been a major speed braker not only for world economy and development but also for health sector. The susceptible population including elderly, co-morbid adults and pregnant females were likewise affected in both major COVID-19 waves in India. Association between COVID-19 cases and pregnancy has been studied throughout the world.COVID-19 is associated with substantial risk of morbidity and mortality in postpartum patients and their infants world-wide, compared with their not-infected pregnant counter-parts, especially if these individuals were symptomatic or have comorbidities.

Methods: This single-centre prospective observational study, included all consecutive maternal mortalities with COVID-19 infection admitted to Lokmanya Tilak municipal medical college and general hospital (Mumbai, India), a tertiary referral hospital, from 1 April 2020, to June 2021.In this study, a total of 390 patients were included who were found COVID-19 positive during the study period and 17 patients who died during their admission in hospital. The relation of risk factors and demographics were studied for all the patients.

Results: The COVID-19 related maternal mortality was more in women of age group 20-30 years (89%). Most women presented to our centre with complaints of fever, cough, cold or breathlessness (55.5%). Patients who succumbed to COVID-19 were mostly primiparous patients (52.9%) and died within 5 days of delivery (46%). 64% of patients died following 5 days of diagnosis of COVID-19.The co-morbidity present in most patients with COVID-19 associated maternal mortality was pre-eclampsia (31.5%). Most patients were referred with only 17% patients registered at our centre and the type of delay involved in management was mostly Type 1 and 2 (82.2%)

Conclusions: Multi-centre retrospective analysis with larger population size is required in order for this to be statistically significant.


COVID-19, Maternal mortality, Pandemic, ARDS, Fever, Virus, Corona

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