Side effect profile of Jadelle implant in Nigerian women during the first 12 months of usage

Emmanuel C. Inyang-Etoh, Anietimfon S. Akpan


Background: Most of the reasons for discontinuation of Jadelle implants by clients are related to the progestogenic side effects, which are dependent on the plasma levels of the hormone. The plasma level of levonorgestrel from Jadelle implant is about 100µg in the first month of insertion, but declines sharply in the first 12months of usage to stabilize at 30µg per day from 24 months of usage. This study was designed to assess the side effect profile of Jadelle implant in users during the first 12months of usage in a view to assessing its acceptability to the clients.

Methods: Data sheet was designed to obtain demographic and clinical parameters of clients and prevailing side effects were surveyed longitudinally over the first 12months of usage.

Results: There was no request for discontinuation of the method and no accidental pregnancy occurred during the period of the study. There was significant disruption of the menstrual pattern of clients over time with 31.1% developing irregular uterine bleeding from 6months of usage, whereas 16.6% of clients became amenorrheic from the 12month of usage. (p= 0.000) Changes in blood pressure and body weight of clients were not significant during the 12month period of the survey. Non menstrual side effects of Jadelle implants, which included headache, breast tenderness, dizziness among clients were noted at 6months of usage but became less prevalent by the 12month of usage.

Conclusions: Jadelle implant proved to be highly effective, safe and acceptable to Nigerian clients during the study period, even though the implant had significant impact on their menstrual pattern.


Jadelle implant, Side effects, Menstrual pattern, Clients, Nigeria

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