Outlandish presentation of a steroid cell tumor - distinct by its bilaterality and distant spread

Moulima Banerjee, Sanghamitra Mukherjee, Manisha Mahata, Gopinath Barui


Steroid cell tumors of ovary constitute an uncommon group of ovarian neoplasms composed of large cells with intracellular lipid that resemble leydig cells or luteinized stromal cells. They are characterized by their clinical manifestations which are reflections of the underlying hormonal disturbances. This case report is of a 22yrs old female with an abdominal mass whose presenting symptom was just amenorrhea for 9 months. However the final diagnosis after excision of the mass and histopathological examination left the unsuspecting physicians in surprise.


Ovarian tumor, Steroid cell tumor-NOS, Bilateral, Malignant

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