Microperforate hymen and labial fusion: an unusual case

Anju Sreenivas, Nina V. Kate, M. Subhashini, Valsa Diana, P. Sujatha


Genital tract abnormalities are uncommon, occurring in approximately 7% of female population. Among these cases, hymenal abnormalities are the most frequent, with imperforate hymen occurring in 1 in 2000 girls. Imperforate and microperforate hymen is a congenital disorder of hymenal configuration which does not permit normal menstrual flow. We report a case of 26 year old primigravida at 28 weeks gestation with threatened preterm labor and was incidentally found to have fused labia minor and microperforate hymen. Scope examination through the hymen revealed a normal looking vagina and cervix. Urethral meatus was not made out. She was taken up for elective caesarean section at 37 weeks of gestation with hymenectomy. Intraoperatively, urethral orifice was identified after incising the fused labia minora. A uterine angle fibroid was found, myomectomy done. No uterine anomalies were noted.


Micro perforate hymen, Labial fusion, Genital tract abnormality

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