Menopause: a new beginning of happy years


  • Mukesh Kumar Department of Zoology, M. S. J. Government P. G. College, Bharatpur, Rajasthan, India
  • Sunayana Singh Department of Zoology, M. S. J. Government P. G. College, Bharatpur, Rajasthan, India



Menopause, Symptoms, Better Management


Menopause is an essential phase of women’s life. Essentially, human female experiences different phases pertaining to the reproductive system and hormonal status these phases are prominently as follows. Childhood phases (0 to 12 year) menstrual phase (12 to 45±4 years) menopausal face (45 to 50±years) and post menopause (50 to till end of her life). Menopause is complete cessation of menstrual cycle at least for a year. Menopausal phase causes many hormonal, physical, physiological, emotional and psychological changes in humans female. These changes are prominent in the reproductive system and hormonal profile. Menopausal state of women indicates the end of her reproductive period with other associated changes. Majority of women get disturbed physiologically, emotionally and psychologically. Menopausal woman develops the feeling of end of her sexual life and women hood. This paper reviews the state and perception of menopause, misconception regarding end of sexual life, better management of menopausal state and how menopause could be new the beginning of happier life physically, mentally, physiologically and sexually.


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