Published: 2022-03-25

Pelvic congestion syndrome: a potentially treatable cause of intractable dysmenorrhoea

Nivedita Jha, Dasari Papa, Haritha Sagili, Nagarajan Krishnan


Pelvic congestion syndrome (PCS) comprises a constellation of symptoms such as noncyclical pelvic pain, pelvic varicosities, dysmenorrhea and dyspareunia in multiparous women of reproductive age. It occurs due to pelvic venous insufficiency. The condition is a challenging entity and diagnosed after excluding other pelvic pathologies. Although venography has been considered gold standard for imaging diagnosis, Doppler ultrasonography, cross sectional imaging of pelvic veins at CT and MRI have been shown to provide adequate and accurate diagnosis. Here we report a case of intractable dysmenorrhoea in a 42-year multiparous woman and its successful management with embolization of pelvic varicose veins.



Chronic pelvic pain, Pelvic venous insufficiency, PCS, Intractable dysmenorrhoea, Gonadal vein embolization

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