Imperforate hymen and its complications: report of two cases and review of literature

Setu Rathod, Sunil Kumar Samal, Anandraj Rajsekaran, P. Reddi Rani, Seetesh Ghose


Imperforate hymen is a rare female genital tract malformation, arises as a result of complete failure of the inferior end of the vaginal plate to canalize. We report two cases of imperforate hymen with different presentation. Our first case was a 14 year old girl presented with lower abdominal pain and acute retention of urine with history of cyclical lower abdominal pain for last 6 months. Examination revealed mass of 14 weeks gravid uterus with bulged imperforate hymen. The second case was a 16 year old girl presents with primary amenorrhoea with mass per abdomen. There was history of difficulty in micturition and constipation for last 4 months. On examination, a mass of size corresponding to 22 weeks gravid uterus with bulged bluish colour imperforate hymen was found. Both the cases were managed with incision and passive drainage of collected menstrual blood. On follow up both the cases resumed menstruation and doing well. 


Imperforate hymen, Primary amenorrhea, Acute urinary retention

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