Ruptured renal cell carcinoma in pregnancy: a rare case presentation

Prameela RC, Sasirekha R


Malignancy in pregnancy is rare. Carcinomas in pregnancy are mostly kidney cell mass. Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is the commonest malignancy in pregnancy. Because of softness and increased vascularity, rupture of renal cell carcinoma is not uncommon. Here we are presenting a rare case of renal cell carcinoma in pregnancy with spontaneous rupture resulting in massive hemoperitoneum and serious outcome because of late presentation renal cell carcinoma seldom ruptures. A 26 year old woman G2P1L1 with term pregnancy was referred to hospital 80kms away from periphery with non-progression of labour. There was antenatal record suggesting hypertensive disorder of pregnancy in second trimester. On examination, patient was in hypovolemic shock with profuse distension of abdomen. Diagnosis of abruption grade 3 or rupture uterus was made and immediate laparotomy was done. On opening the abdomen, there was hemoperitoneum but uterus was intact. Emergency LSCS done extracted a stillborn baby. There were no retro placental clots also. There was lot of necrotic tissue in the abdomen and there was a tumour arising from lower pole of left kidney which had invaded the renal vessels and had ruptured. Peripartum hysterectomy and left nephrectomy was done. Women did not respond to treatment and died. The objective of presenting this case is the dilemmas faced by the obstetrician in case of shock in 2nd stage of labour. Simple diagnostic tool like renal ultrasound will help to detect at an early stage which could improve the outcome. All cases of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy should be investigated for secondary causes of hypertension. Abdominal USG must be done for all cases of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy in 2nd trimester. Prompt diagnosis and early treatment is the key in management of such condition in pregnancy.


Renal cell carcinoma, Pregnancy, Rupture

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