A rare case of aggressive angiomyxoma of vulva since childhood

Shankar B. Burute, T. Swetha Jahnavi, Karuna Ratwani, Arpana A. Dharwadkar, Jayashree P. Kulkarni


Aggressive angiomyxoma is a locally invasive benign mesenchymal tumour usually occurring in women of reproductive age and is rare in children. It carries a high risk of recurrence and hence needs to be differentiated from other masses. The diagnosis is difficult clinically and is almost always histological. Here is a rare case of aggressive angiomyxoma of vulva in a 15 year old female presented with presented with mass in vulva on left side since birth and increased to the present size since 3 years. The swelling was painless, no local rise of temperature, no visible veins. Attained menarche 2 years ago and cycles are regular with normal flow.


Aggressive angiomyxoma, Mesenchymal tumors, Vulval mass

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