Hydropic leiomyoma, a considerable differential diagnosis: a case series

El Hassan El Ghali, Jihane Meziyane, Soukaina Auragh, Hanane Saadi, Hafsa Taheri, Ahmed Mimouni


Uterine leiomyomas can show a wide variety of degenerative changes. In the actual work, we report two cases of hydropic leiomyomas. Hydropic leiomyomas are characterized by a massive intra-tumoral accumulation of watery edema. This variant is often associated to atypical clinical and radiological presentations, raising the possibility of aggressive neoplasms, particularly uterine sarcomas. Although imaging can be helpful to diagnose uterine neoplasms, in particular ultrasounds and MRI, the radiological features of Hydropic leiomyomas, as for other leiomyomas variants, are often atypical and worrisome for uterine sarcomas. The pathological evaluation is often needed to have a final diagnosis.



Leiomyoma, Hydropic leimyoma, Leiomyosarcoma

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