Published: 2022-06-27

Women's health: seminars on antenatal and primary healthcare

Joseph Onyedenyifa Odoko, Magaji Abdul-Baqi, Ibrahim Mijinyawa, Ahmed Garba, John Esimaje Moyegbone, Emmanuel Agbonomhen Agege, Omatseye Alero Akuirene, Abdullahi Ahmed, Umar Bello, Franklin Ehigiator Kio, Peter Esegbue, Charles C. Ofili, Ezekiel Uba Nwose


Primary health care (PHC) is the first level of contact for individuals, the family and the community with the national health system and “address the main health problem in the community, providing health promotion, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services accordingly.” This study aimed to determine the factors affecting utilization of healthcare services in the rural area of Bauchi State, fifteen years retrospective study on pregnancy-induced diabetes progresses to types-2-diabetes mellitus (DM) in Gombe South senatorial district of Gombe State and the impact of Nigeria State health investment project (Nship) on quality maternal and child health services among women of child bearing age (15-49 years) and children under 5 years in Bauchi State, Nigeria. The study was a sequential mixed methods approach including: (a) descriptive cross-sectional hospital-based research design (b) retrospective review ‘questionnaire survey’ on pre-post field interventions survey and (c) In-depth interview of the respondents. Factors that affect utilization of PHC includes; inexpensive cost and easy access to health facility 26.7%), treatment satisfaction 18.8% and nearness to place of residence 26.7%. The 1.1% of the women had gestational DM (GDM). Nship sharply increased the level of delivery of pregnant women. Improved living conditions increased utilization of health facilities. DM progressing to types 2 DM was not a public health problem in Gombe South senatorial district. Nship positively impacted the quality of maternal and child’s health in Bauchi State from 2016 to 2020.


Gestational DM, Utilization, Health care services, Maternal and child health

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