Placenta previa percreta: a case report on diagnosis and management

Asna Aafreen, Apoorv Pankaj, Aprajita Pankaj


A 37-year-old female patient, G2P1L1, previous caesarean section, presented at 27 weeks of gestation, with the chief complaint of spotting per-vaginum, not associated with pain in the abdomen. The ultrasound performed was s/o placenta previa with placenta increta. She presented with similar complaints on and off during the second trimester and was treated conservatively. Follow up scans revealed placenta percreta and the pregnancy was electively terminated at 33 weeks. A multidisciplinary team, consisting of a urosurgeon, a gynaecologist and an interventional radiologist were present during the procedure. The patient recovered fully.


Placenta previa, Percreta, Previous cesarean

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