Retained fetal bones: an unusual cause of abnormal uterine bleeding

Sonia Chawla, Sandhya Jain, Swati Sharma, Shalini Rajaram, Neerja Goel


Abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB) is a common gynaecological problem with most common causes being fibroid, polyp, endometritis, neoplasia and coagulation disorder. Presence of retained intrauterine fetal bones as a cause of AUB, is a rare but well recognized entity. Patient may present with subfertility, secondary infertility, chronic pelvic pain, vaginal discharge, pelvic inflammatory disease, abnormal uterine bleeding. Incidence reported in literature is 0.15% among patients undergoing diagnostic hysteroscopy. Calcification appears as hyperechoeic area on ultrasound. Hysteroscopy guided removal of bony fragments is the gold standard and leads to complete resolution of symptoms.


Abnormal uterine bleeding, Bony fragment, Infertility

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