Patient satisfactory score post oncoplastic breast surgery- our institutional experience


  • Subbiah Shanmugam Department of Surgical Oncology, Royapettah Government Hospital, Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Sujay Susikar Department of Surgical Oncology, Royapettah Government Hospital, Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Radha Siva Bharath Department of Surgical Oncology, Royapettah Government Hospital, Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India



Oncoplastic breast surgery


Background: Surgical management of breast cancer is rapidly evolving with increasing importance on techniques to preserve patient’s quality of life and post treatment cosmesis. Oncoplastic breast surgery (OBS) combines oncologic principles with plastic surgery techniques to improve cosmetic results by immediate breast reconstruction at the time of surgery. We aimed to evaluate patient reported satisfaction using questionnaire following OBS.

Methods: This was a prospective observational study of 25 patients who underwent oncoplastic breast surgery at the department of surgical oncology, Government Royapettah hospital, Kilpauk Medical College Chennai, between 2021 January - September 2022. Patients who underwent OBS were given the questionnaire (BREAST-Q) directed specifically on satisfaction with breast cosmesis at one month postoperatively.

Results: Mean satisfactory score was 42.4 (highly satisfied), 5 out of 25 (20%) patients responded with a score of 50/50. The patient with a minimum score of 26/50, had undergone wise pattern mammoplasty for giant fibroadenoma and had nipple areola complex necrosis postoperatively. No major complications were noted in other patients.

Conclusions: OBS is emerging as the standard of care in India for early breast cancer, although time taken is longer than the west. Long term outcomes in the Indian population are yet to emerge. Our results demonstrate a high satisfaction with breasts cosmesis in patients who underwent OBS.



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