Implanon: subdermal single rod contraceptive implant


  • Suvidha Saurabh ESIC Medical College and Hospital, Bihta, Patna, Bihar, India



Contraceptives, Implants, Implanon, Subdermal


Implanon is a single rod contraceptive implant which provides protection for three years. The development of subdermal contraceptive implant has been an important improvement in the contraceptive technology in India. Mechanism of action of Implanon is by ovulation inhibition and increase in viscosity of cervical mucus. The side effects associated with Implanon includes irregular periods, weight, gain, acne, headache and breast tenderness. Insertion of implant is an operating procedure done in day care by a skilled care worker. Implanon is proving to be a safe and highly effective long-acting reversible contraceptive.


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