Primary spontaneous complete posterior colporrhexis during labour: a rare case report

Shashi Lata Kabra, Ritu Goyal, Reema Jain, VK Kadam


Uterus rupture in the course of labour is a well-documented fact, but the majority of the cases occur in scarred uterus. The scarred uterus can be secondary to previous surgeries like caesarean section, myomectomy, perforations etc. Nevertheless, primary spontaneous colporrhexis that occurs in a presumable normal tissue of the uterus instead of the previous scar site is a rare condition. Here we report the case of a 26 year old woman who had a posterior colporrhexis during her trial for normal delivery after previous caesarean section with intact scar site. Such cases though very rare, but set up an example of the need to remain extra vigilant while monitoring every women in labour irrespective of previous scarred uterus or not.


Colporrhexis, Caesarean, Rupture

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