Fulminant reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome in post-partum female

Rambir Singh, Shilpi Mittal, Alsaba Khan, Bharat Gupta, Narendra Kardam, Kushal Gehlot


Reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome (RCVS) is a clinical and radiologic syndrome that represents a common presentation of a diverse group of disorders. Call-Fleming syndrome which is a part of RCVS group. We present a case of 30 year old primigravida who developed thunderclap headache followed by seizures on her day 1 of postpartum period. MRI revealed left anterior cerebral artery infarct with vasoconstriction of bilateral internal carotid arteries and its branches. She was managed conservatively. Follow up on 25th day revealed complete reversal of vasoconstriction in above mentioned arteries which confirmed the diagnosis of Call-Fleming syndrome. Patient had residual aphasia and right lower limb paresis on 2 months follow up.


RCVS, Call-Fleming syndrome, Pregnancy

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