A rare case of primary vaginal carcinoma with systemic metastasis with uterovaginal prolapses

Sree Chandana Damineni, Shraddha Shetty K.


Primary vaginal cancer in a prolapsed uterus is a very rare condition. Here we report a rare case of carcinoma of vagina with early systemic metastasis presenting in a middle aged women with uterovaginal prolapse. A 46 year old postmenopausal lady presented with complaints of mass per vagina with foul smelling discharge per vagina. On gynaecological examination, an irreducible uterovaginal prolapse and a 6 × 6 cm ulcer was present on upper 1/3 of lateral vaginal wall. Biopsy of the ulcer suggested squamous cell carcinoma of vagina. She was given palliative chemotherapy.


Primary vaginal cancer, Uterovaginal prolapse, Chemotherapy

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