Published: 2017-01-11

Rare incidence of yolk sac tumor in pregnancy posing management challenge: a case report

Chanda Rai, Harsha Shailesh Gaikwad, Rohini Gupta


Yolk sac tumor of the ovary, although rare but highly malignant, when diagnosed in a pregnant woman is difficult to manage because of risks involved to the fetus but with the advent of surgery and chemotherapy prognosis has greatly improved.A G3P2L2, 35 years old, woman got admitted at 8 months amenorrhea with absent fetal movements since two days with labor pains. She carried an ultrasound report, done at a private clinic which showed intrauterine death of fetus along with a pelvic tumor. Her CT done at our hospital confirmed a pelvic tumor mass posterior to the uterus and in close proximity with the rectum. A laparotomy was planned for her as the pelvic mass was preventing the descent of fetal head thus hindering vaginal delivery. Biopsy from the tumor mass revealed yolk sac tumor of the ovary. Her general condition was poor with low Hb levels and deranged LFT and KFT and was shifted to ICU for intensive care but she could not survive despite the best efforts.Early diagnosis of ovarian yolk sac tumor in pregnancy leads to timely intervention in the forms of surgery and chemotherapy which greatly improves the survival rates.


Yolk, Pregnant, Tumor, Ovary

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