Oxidized cellulose: an unusual cause of post hysterectomy hemorrhage

Amrita ., Sandhya Jain, Swati Sharma, Shalini Rajaram, Bindiya Gupta


Haemostatic material made of oxidized cellulose is a bio-absorbable fabric used widely for intraoperative haemostasis and adhesion prevention in surgery. The knit mesh facilitates platelet adhesion and aggregation during surgery. However, rarely it may cause a foreign-body reaction, which is indistinguishable from abscess or granuloma formation. This report describes a case of a local tissue reaction due to oxidized regenerated cellulose followed by vault erosion and vaginal bleeding, mimicking pelvic sepsis post hysterectomy. The signs and symptoms resolved completely following removal of the oxidized cellulose fabric.


Oxidized cellulose, Haemostatic material, Hysterectomy, Hemostasis

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