Published: 2017-01-31

Sterile water injection labour analgesia in a parturient with preeclampsia with thrombocytopenia

Shivali Panwar, Divya Arora, Anu Kapur, Kirti Nath Saxena


Pregnancy induced hypertension is one of the most common causes of maternal morbidity and mortality. A G2L1A1 female with period of gestation 36 weeks presented in our hospital with early labour pains. She was a known case of pregnancy induced hypertension with thrombocytopenia and had been operated on the lumbar spine for Potts spine. She was administered intradermal sterile water injection labour analgesia every 3 hours. The labour was uneventful and patient had a normal vaginal delivery of a male baby. The postnatal course was uneventful and patient was satisfied with the labour analgesia.


Labour analgesia, Sterile water injection, Thrombocytopenia

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