Huge mucinous cystadenoma of ovary with massive third degree uterovaginal prolapse in postmenopausal woman: rare case report and review of literature

Rajshree Dayanand Katke


Mucinous cystadenomas make up 15-20% of all ovarian tumors. They often become very large and can extend up into the abdomen. These tumors are usually evaluated using ultrasound, CT scan, or MRI. Findings on imaging studies are nonspecific. These ovarian tumors are usually multi-septated, cystic masses with thin walls. They also contain varying amounts of solid tissue which consists of proliferating stromal tissue, papillae, or malignant tumor cells. Benign mucinous cystadenomas compose 80% of mucinous ovarian tumorsĀ and 20-25% of benign ovarian tumors overall. The peak incidence occurs between 30-50 years of age. Benign tumors are bilateral in 5-10% of cases. Here we would like to present a case of huge benign mucinous cystadenoma with procedentia in a 70 year old female where the patient could not access medical care, and presented with huge tumour which lead to pressure symptoms and responded remarkably to surgical excision. The patient could go back to her normal life following the procedure.


Huge benign mucinous cystadenoma, Huge uterovaginal prolapse

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