Gravid uterus in post caesarean incisional hernia: a rare occurrence

Ritu Misra, Sunil Kumar Bajaj, Garvit D. Khatri, Rohini Gupta


Incisional hernia following section caesarean is a not so uncommon a complication following sepsis in the postoperative period. An ever rising primary caesarean rates in many developed countries like USA and emerging economies like China is leading to rising trend of incisional hernia following c-section. The contents of hernial sac in these cases are usually small gut loops or omentum. Only about a dozen cases having gravid uterus as hernial content have been recorded in literature. Paucity of cases has meant that there are no established guidelines for its management, which is totally individualized. We report here a very rare case of protrusion of gravid uterus in post caesarean incisional ventral hernia and its successful management resulting in delivery of a healthy baby.


Incisional hernia, Gravid uterus, Lower segment caesarean section

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