Comparative study of various tocolytics in preterm labour

Neetu Singh, Preeti Dubey, Neena Gupta, Seema Dwivedi, Rashmi Balyan, Ani Chandanan


Background: Preterm birth is one of the major factors responsible for neonatal mortality and morbidity. In this study, we have to see the role of various tocolytics in preventing preterm labour.

Methods: The observational study was conducted on 200 patients admitted in Upper India Sugar Exchange Maternity Hospital, Kanpur.

Results: In our study calcium channel blocker were associated with statistically and clinically significantly better neonatal outcome and fewer maternal side effects than any other tocolytic. So calcium channel blocker would be preferred first line tocolytic with regard to several important outcomes.

Conclusions: Preterm birth continued to be problem for obstetrician. Administration of short term tocolytic agents can prolong pregnancy for women in pre-term labor. Prolonging pregnancy may have benefits because it allows for other proven interventions, such as antenatal corticosteroid administration to be accomplished. The reviews proven an overview currently utilize tocolytic agents and the evidence of demonstrating their efficacy for prolonging pregnancy by at least 48 hours.


Tocolytics, Short-term, Preterm delivery

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