An unusual case of postpartum convulsions

S. Bhanu Rekha


Convulsions in postpartum period are not very rare. Though the most common etiology is postpartum eclampsia, not all cases present with hypertension and proteinuria. These cases need to be reassessed with a CT or MRI to find out the other causes of convulsions like cerebral venous thrombosis, subarachnoid bleed, neurocysticercosis, tuberculomas etc. In our case, the patient presented with convulsions on the tenth postpartum day and her CT revealed hypo dense foci with perilesional edema in right high parietal region & multiple hyper dense foci in bilateral cerebral hemispheres with no perilesional edema- old healed calcified granulomas. The patient was treated with phenytoin and albendazole.


Convulsions, Neurocysticercosis

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