A rare case of invasive mole with silent uterine perforation

Sahaja Kittur, Venktesh ., Ramlingappa A.


Invasive mole is a condition where a molar pregnancy, such as a partial hydatidiform mole or complete hydatidiform mole, invades the wall of the uterus, potentially spreading and metastasizing to other parts of the body. Here is a case which presented with history of evacuation for molar pregnancy. She presented with irregular p/v bleeding on and off and after admission silent perforation with massive haemoperitoneum was detected for which emergency laparotomy with hysterectomy was done (operative photographs enclosed). She was given massive transfusion. She recovered and followed up till her beta hCG levels were within normal limits. As patient presented to us with haemoperitoneum and intraoperative there was invasion into whole of the uterus, it could not be saved and hysterectomy was done. Patient received 6 cycles of EMACO regime chemotherapy and was followed up for 6 months after beta hCG levels were within normal limits.


Invasive mole, Molar pregnancy, Antepartum haemorrhage

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