A case of infertility with tuberculosis with multiple calcifications on both fallopian tubes

Meena Khatri, Preshit Chate


Genital tract tuberculosis usually shows no symptoms and it is diagnosed as such incidentally during infertility investigations. In general, infertility is the most common clinical symptom of pelvic tuberculosis to the extent that it constitutes between 40 to 60 percent of the patients chief complaints. Female genital tuberculosis is still a major cause of infertility in India. This case highlights some of the well known facts about genital tuberculosis, that it is the relatively young female in the reproductive age group who are victim in female genital tuberculosis and infertility. In our case inspite of advanced genital tuberculosis, endometrial biopsy was negative for AFB and showed normal histopathology and diagnostic laparoscopy and biopsy from fallopian tubes revealed genital tuberculosis. Thus laparoscopy has definite place in the diagnosis of pelvic tuberculosis. Female genital tuberculosis is a major cause of infertility however diagnosis is sometime difficult and it becomes still more difficult when endometrial histopathology is normal therefore diagnostic laparoscopy is gold standard for confirmation of genital tuberculosis with its added advantages of complete evaluation of uterus, tubes, ovaries and operative intervention in the same sitting.


Infertility, Genital tuberculosis, Calcification of tubes, Laparoscopy

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