Follicle stimulating hormone secreting pituitary adenoma: a challenging diagnosis

Madhuri Alap Mehendale, Nidhi Devendra Kalkal, Meenal Shailesh Sarmalkar, Arun Harishchandre Nayak


FSH secreting pituitary adenomas are relatively uncommon brain tumours and usually non-functioning. But in rare cases they produce ovarian hyperstimulation. We report a case of a 32 year old female P2L2, with amenorrhoea of 1 year, pain in abdomen and galactorrhoea since 6 months. Initially thought to be a simple prolactinoma with multicystic ovaries, but after thorough investigations to our surprise diagnosed to be a rare case of gonadotropin secreting pituitary adenoma. Patient was successfully managed by excision of the pituitary adenoma.


Pituitary adenoma, FSHoma, Mixed pituitary tumour, OHSS, FSH (Follicle stimulating hormone), Estradiol, LH (Luteinizing hormone)

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