Recurrent preeclampsia and breech presentation in term pregnancy: the case of didelphic uterus

Temesgen Tilahun Bekabil


Uterine didelphys represents a uterine malformation where the uterus is present as a paired organ. It is characterized by the presence of two endometrial cavities, each with a uterine cervix, and often a double or single vagina as well. Uterine didelphys, like other uterine malformations, is often asymptomatic and therefore remain unrecognized. The didelphic uterus has a poor reproductive outcome with a 20-30% chance of carrying pregnancy to term. I report a case of successful pregnancy in the left sided uterine body of a didelphic uterus which was complicated by recurrent preeclampsia and breech presentation. The case also demonstrates how didelphic uterus sometimes remains unrecognized until delivery. In conclusion, it is important to have high index of suspicion of didelphic uterus when term pregnancy is complicated by recurrent breech presentation.



Uterine didelphys, Didelphic uterus, Breech presentation, Preeclampsia

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