Practice of contraception in this modern world: still a myth?

Reeta Bansiwal, Pushpa Singh, Shruti Bajpai


Background: Objective: To assess the attitude, knowledge and practice of contraception among MTP seekers women attending Family Planning OPD.

Methods: 150 women attending family planning clinic and requesting for Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP), were interrogated on a pre- structured questionnaire and their knowledge, attitude and practice about contraception were assessed.

Results: Of the women 80% women had some or the other knowledge of contraception but still 92 (61.3%) were not using any contraception 92 (61.3%), 54 (36%) were using barrier method and only 4 (2.6%) were used OCP’s. The request for MTP was mainly on grounds of unplanned pregnancy and completed family in 57.3% cases followed by previous child small 42 (28%). Of the women, only 38 (25.3%) had heard about emergency contraceptives and only few had used them off and on. The various methods of contraception accepted by the women post abortion were IUDs by 91 (61.3%) and female sterilization by 55 (36.6%). Statistical analysis was done using SPSS software 15.

Conclusions: Practice of contraception is still a myth. There is a great need to strengthen the awareness among people by various programmes and the target group should be both males and females.


Contraception, Medical abortion, Emergency contraception, Medical termination of pregnancy (MTP), Intrauterine devices (IDUs), Oral contraceptive pills (OCPs), Sterilization

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