Oocyte quality and ABO blood group system: are they connected?


  • Sasikala Thanga Natarajamani Department of Assisted Reproduction, Crea Conceptions (P) Ltd., T Nagar, Chennai-17, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Deepa Thiagarajamurthy Sai Womens Clinic, Adyar, Chennai-600020, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Mahalakshmi Subramanian Department of Assisted Reproduction, Crea Conceptions (P) Ltd., T Nagar, Chennai-17, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Janani Dakshina Moorthy Department of Assisted Reproduction, Crea Conceptions (P) Ltd., T Nagar, Chennai-17, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Archana Bhargav Department of Assisted Reproduction, Crea Conceptions (P) Ltd., T Nagar, Chennai-17, Tamil Nadu, India
  • P. J. Parameaswari Department of Assisted Reproduction, Crea Conceptions (P) Ltd., T Nagar, Chennai-17, Tamil Nadu, India




Blood group, Oocyte quality, Age, PCO, Endometriosis, Ovarian reserve, Tubal block


Background: Blood groups of women have been associated with infertility and other related conditions like diminished ovarian reserve. We have tried to find, if there is any association between blood group of women and the quality of their oocytes.

Methods: Present study is a retrospective analysis from the available data of IVF patients on standard ICSI protocols in our tertiary care clinic over 32 months. Oocytes were grouped into GOOD & POOR quality oocytes. Good quality oocytes were further graded into Grade 1, 2, 3. SPSS 15.0 was used for statistical analysis.

Results: Good quality oocytes were almost similarly distributed among the blood groups. Among the good quality oocytes, Grade ‘1’ Oocytes were found higher in ‘O’ blood group women.  

Conclusions: Blood group alone was found to play no major role in determining the oocyte quality of women.


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